LIFE at Oddfolk!

Documenting the tales of our community.


It's not about the money


By: Benjamin Titsworth

On my morning commute to my full-time gig this week, I have been re-listening to Dale Partridge’s book: “People Over Profit”. This book has always been a go-to for me to think about the ideas I am building. Dale talks about the multiple eras of a business: the honest era, the efficient era, and the deceptive era.


The Realtionships we want to create with Schools


By: Benjamin Titsworth

A fantastic trend is happening in public education, the creation of career and technology centers. These centers give high school students the opportunity to begin learning skills for industries like aerospace science, automotive technology, medical services, and our personal favorites graphic design, animation, and film making. By the time these students have finished their studies at a center, they are a class above many other students in their respective field and in most cases are ready to begin working with their skills in a particular industry.


The why behind oddfolk


By: Benjamin Titsworth

There has always been a longing within me to start things and to be able to have complete ownership over something. For years this manifested itself in church planting. My entrepreneurial spirit combined with my faith made for what seemed a lethal combo. After years of working toward leading my own faith community, it all came to a screeching halt. I was lost and not sure what to do next. This ambiguous future wouldn’t last long. I can’t sit still.